What is an activation? 


Festivate takes your brand and recreates it in an interactive and immersive experience that allows festival goers to indulge in your brand through experiences. 


How much would an activation cost?


Each activation depends on the design. Festivate works within your budget and goals of the brand to create exactly what you want. We work with small and large costs. 


What if I want to activate for my brand but I'm unable to attend the festival?


No problem! Festivate takes care of everything from the beginning of the deal, licensing, permits, design schematics, activating the brand on site, and more. We can activate for you!


My brand is unable to afford an activation. Are there any other opportunities we can do with a lower budget?


Yes, there are several other options where Festivate can help you within the music festival scene. We work with digital marketing, influencer management, sponsorship, and more.


My brand is completely new to the festival scene. I'm not sure where to begin?


Perfect! We love working with brands who are new to the scene. We take care of everything for you and are more than happy to introduce you to your very first music festival. 


I have a festival in mind but I don't see it listed on your partners. Is there a way we can work within the festival?


No worries! Let us know the festival you are wanting to work with and we can work together for the best outcome. 


How do we use social media to help your brand? 


We integrate creative components with proprietary automation to grow your page. With additional exposure, we help drive traffic to your website. We help come up with target accounts to leverage and craft the messaging to be engaging and effective with monthly optimization to ensure the campaign is running the most effective. 


Is Influencer Marketing appropriate for my brand?


Influencer marketing is appropriate for your brand if your audience is on social media. If you're interested in doing an influencer marketing campaign, but don't know if it suits your brand, we can help you put together the perfect strategy for you! Some cases are more challenging than others, but with influencer marketing, you're able to tailor your campaign to fit your company's objectives.


What should I look for in an influencer?


An engaged audience is what gives an influencer such a strong social media presence. It's quality over quantity. Many "micro" influencers are overlooked because of their lower number in followers, but research shows that users are more likely to engage with these influencers since they're more relatable. That being said, interaction, authenticity, and relevancy are three main qualities you should scope out. They might have 200k followers, but are they real? How is the quality of their posts? These are a few things to consider. 


How does Influencer Marketing affect your SEO?


Influencer marketing boosts your brand and visibility and engagement. The traffic influencers drive to your site will increase your SEO rankings in ways that paid ads can't. According to socialtoaster, 25% of search results for the world's 20 largest brands are links to user-created content. You and your influencer can benefit greatly from one another, leading to more visibility for both sides. You can also provide your influencer to include hashtags and keywords in your campaign to increase its likelihood of being found online.

Is an Influencer Marketing Campaign expensive?


The glory of influencer marketing is that it cost effective compared to traditional marketing strategies. Your timeline, objectives, type of influencers and time you dedicate to your campaign are going contribute to your overall cost. Post frequency and high-accuracy in posts can affect your budget, but Festivate can assist you with getting the best bang for your buck and staying within your budget.


What are the benefits of running an Influencer Marketing Campaign?


The benefits of influencer marketing seem endless but what seems to be one of the most conclusive factors is because of influencers' ability to build relationships and credibility with their followers, by promoting your brand through their page, they're improving your brand awareness while providing amazing value to your audience. They are already in tune with the needs of the people who believe in them and their content, which also boosts the likelihood of long-lasting partnerships with your influencers. Lastly, it enhances your content strategy. Being able to engage with an audience and even get feedback from them within seconds, there are countless ways you can get creative with influencer marketing!



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