Home Bass is America's largest EDM travel experience production company who provide the most memorable travel experience while attending a music festival. In 2018 they provided festival attendees an exclusive experience to lodge, transport to/from EDC Orlando, private sets, pool parties, and more. Festivate secured partnerships for the event while collaborating with Pedialyte, Fancy Unicorns, Lunchbox, iheartraves, Deep Eddy, and Red Bull to bring onsite promotions. Festivate enhanced the guest experience through welcome gift bags including branded "Home Bass" fans from Fancy Unicorns and hangover survivals of Pedialyte packets. 


Partnering up with Fancy Unicorns, large fans and umbrellas were branded for festival attendees to use for enjoyment, photo ops, and to cool off. 


Pedialyte donated product for Festivate to come in and distribute to the festival goers of the event throughout all hours of the day. Not only did it provide nutrients but it saved many hangovers from the sunrise DJ sets. 


Festivate teamed up with Fancy Unicorns, Pedialyte, and Deep Eddy to promote and create brand awareness through the resort during pool parties, DJ sets, meals, and more. 


Home Bass had over 2,000 attendees for the exclusive stay within the resort. Festivate was able to distribute gift bags full of Fancy Unicorn branded items to every individual. In addition, Festivate co-operated on sponsorship for companies of Red Bull, Deep Eddy, and Pedialyte. 

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