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Brand Activation Takeaways at The 2019 X-Live Conference

Photographer: Jose Valdovinos

Festivate traveled to Las Vegas this last December for the annual X-Live Conference to learn about the latest on brand activation. X-Live is one of the top conventions in the country for the music industry. Leaders and entrepreneurs from all directions travel to the city for this three day event to learn, to lead, and to execute. The event consists of discussions, award ceremonies, and panels focused on music festivals and live events. One of the most talked about topics each year is brand activation.

Here are three things Festivate took away on brand activation for music festivals at X-Live.

Activations make an impact when festival goers are able to lead with a story.

Photographer: Jose Valdovinos

Out with the old and in with the new. There is a new face of activations in the music festival world as creatives begin to dive more into experiences. Brands are beginning to turn away from the average giveaways and spin the wheel contests. The next big thing to focus on is drawing more festival goers to a brand by leaving them with a memory. How can a brand create a sense of connection through a simple interaction with an attendee? They need to create a story that will linger for days to come. The goal is to generate an experience so in depth, it leaves a fan with the same impact that the music had. The impression needs to allow the festival goer to connect with the brand on a deeper level.

Where the brand is now vs. Where the brand is going.

Photographer: Jose Valdovinos

The goal of an activation is to increase the engagement rate of the brand with the fans. One important factor to consider when creating an activation is where does the brand currently stand and what is the brands goals. An activation can increase a brands engagement through the proper design goals if the correct logistics are met. To reach a new fan base, it is important to execute beyond the present and to focus on how an activation will benefit future goals while capturing the moment.

Creating a brand activation that allows festival goers to step into an experience and away from reality.

Photographer: Jose Valdovinos

Festivals are much more than just music. Festivals are all about the experience, the emotion, the people, and the impact. They fill festival goers with love, happiness, and expression in ways that the real world cannot. Festival goers attend these events to escape to a world of imagination. To be successful, activations should be contributing to this message. The schematic design process should be allowing fans to be fully immersed into an experience. An experience that allows them to forget the outside world. Allowing the fans to forget the outside world, allows them to be strongly connected with the brand.

Festivate specializes in creating futuristic and immersive activations that connect brands with the music festival fanbase. From the design process, to goal oriented, to structure, and execution- Festivate can capture it.

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