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How an Influencer Program Will Grow Your Brand

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

An influencer program allows for your brand to bring on influencers to help market and promote your brand. Often, you'll see clothing companies donating apparel to influencers on social media with a high following in order for them to market their brand to their audience. A similar campaign is used for brands in the music festival scene.

What is an Influencer Program?

An influencer campaign is all about recruiting influencers while managing and tracking their content. Let's say your brand has twenty influencers. These influencers are given a number of requirements to promote your brand. The requirements include postings over all socials including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Creating engaging content will allow the influencers to spread awareness towards your brand to a relative audience.

Recruiting, Managing, and Tracking

An influencer program recruits a number of influencers to promote your brand. These influencers are people who have a high social following and are extremely active in the music festival scene. Being active in the music festival scene is important because they will be attracting a direct audience you are in search for. Through content provided, the influencers will post on their social media to increase engagement towards your brand. For example: A festival just released a lineup drop. The influencer will create a post specifically focused on the lineup release. These influencers are tracked weekly on their posts, impressions, and engagement to make sure all requirements are met for the campaign.


Using an influencer program allows for your marketing to become more creative. It's not just your brand posting on your account daily but it allows fans to connect with your brand as well. By believing in others to help promote your brand, you're creating strong relationships with customers. An influencer program allows your brand to utilize social media, photos and videos, and content to a whole other level.

Reaching Out to a Larger Audience

Your brand may have a large audience but an influencer program will allow it grow even more. By doing so, your influencers are reaching out to their following and promoting your brand to people by showing support, engagement, and new product to some who may have yet to come across it. An influencer program is allowing you to reach to an audience who would be interested in your brand.

Provides Analytics

How does your brand know if the influencer program is helpful? With each influencer program that is launched, analytics are collected weekly showing the number of impressions for each post. If a post is not getting as much love, a social media team works together to create stronger content. Analytics allow you to see how many people are engaging with your brand through individual posts through likes, comments, shares, clicks and more.

Creating an influencer program can enhance positive movement towards your business growth. Dive into giveaways, brand awareness, and a larger following through influencer campaigns through the click on a computer screen. Managing an effective influencer campaign requires experience and time. Take the stress away from your team and have Festivate run it for you. From recruiting to managing, Festivate can set up an effective and powerful influencer program.

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