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Media Platforms vs. Music Festivals

Have you ever wondered how company's utilize media platforms to boost their brand engagement? Social media platforms are increasing the number of people brands are reaching with the following techniques. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, and relative platforms are the easiest ways to connect with a larger audience because you can reach accounts all over the world.

How are music festivals integrating the use of media platforms?

Influencer Programs

Brands and festivals create an influencer team that consist of at least ten to twenty influencers. The influencers use their social media platforms to share updates, news, releases and any relative information in regards to the brand or festival to their audience. Within these programs, each post is able to be tracked to provide analytics and impressions. In addition, there are data bases that track individual accounts and can provide possible profit created from each post.

Photo Ops

Music festivals consists of several branding booths whether they are partners, sponsors, vendors, or artists. Photo ops are a huge attraction between giveaways, brands, and events. Using a photo ops for your brand to create engagement via socials will grow your business to a larger audience. For example: Your brand is having a giveaway and the only way to win is to post a photo, using certain hashtags related to your brand, and tagging your brand. This creates a social increase and a one-on-one interaction with people interested in your brand.


This social media app is one of the biggest marketing platforms right now. Instagram allows your brand to connect with millions of people with the touch of a few buttons. Music festivals connect with Instagram with several directions starting with marketing, giveaways, announcements, design, and much more. You can learn more specifics on Instagram growth on our "Why Grow Your Instagram" article.


Music festivals are all about experiences. Activations are becoming the number one immersive, interaction between brands, the festival, and the fans. Designing an activation for your brand allows your fans to live inside the brand while learning more about it. Media platforms are used in all aspects with this invention due to social media postings, digital marketing, videography/photography, photo ops, giveaways, brand engagement, and so much more.

Festivate is the number one marketing platform to connect your brand with music festivals. We help launch your social media through influencer marketing, Instagram growth, website design, media, and much more.

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