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Website Design Creates Buyers

Having a solid website for your brand is crucial. For most, people will use social media to locate your brand and make judgement within the first ten seconds of scrolling through the information. One of the most important things that will make your brand stand out compared to others, is having a website design that is user friendly.

Layout Design

The layout of your website will be the number one thing that determines if it is user friendly or not. To do so, it's important to make sure it is organized and formatted in a way that allows viewers to navigate throughout it quickly and efficiently. Viewers should be able to find information such as contact information, information about your brand and work, and any additional information that represents your brand in a timely manner.

Important rules to remember are to create a header with tabs that allow viewers to jump from page to page. Include photos and videos that don't overcrowd the layout but give a visual on what your brand is about. Use two to three fonts throughout the entire website. It can get hard to read if each section and/or page is using a different font. This helps determine captions, headings, and the body of text.

Aesthetically Pleasing

A color scheme is crucial. The most successful brands tend to connect their branding throughout their website. Meaning, using the same color scheme as their graphics and logos. It's important to choose colors that are easy to read and not hard on the eyes. If your website is using a rainbow of colors, this will make it very difficult for viewers to navigate through the site and understand what is trying to be explained. Learn which colors go together such as complimentary, analogous, monochromatic, etc.

Choose high quality photos and videos. Do not use photos that are from a cell phone or google. The more professional the content, the more professional your brand will appear. Again, pay attention to the style of fonts being used. It's important the website is easy to read.


Is your website actually explaining enough information on your brand and what you do? Is there too much information or too little? Be sure to have the correct information on your website so your viewers will understand what and who your brand is by viewing your website. Create engaging and interesting information that will leave the viewers wanting to know more which results in them contacting your brand.

Create a website for your brand that attract buyers. A social media following is important but having an organized and informational website is the number one target. Festivate helps with just that. We work with your brand by working together to create the perfect website for you. You tell us what you'd like to see on there and we take it from there.

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