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Why Grow Your Instagram Account

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

There is no doubt that Instagram has become one of the largest marketing platforms for influencers, businesses, and bloggers. If you're looking to grow your company, one way to do so if having an engaging and interactive Instagram account. Here are four reasons on why growing your Instagram account is crucial for your business.

Visual Content

Having a consistent aesthetic to your feed is important. This includes having high quality images in order for your customers to be attracted to your product within seconds. Presenting your product through images allows your customers to see how the product works, how they could use it, and why they should make a purchase. Everyone today is using Instagram as a visual representation of what they want. If your account is not up to date, lacks content and following, users will automatically think your company is not up to date nor worth their money. This may sound crazy but times are changing to first impressions rather than research.

Quick tips on how to create engaging content: Post 2-3 times weekly with high quality images/videos, interact with your audience through giveaways and sales, utilize Instagram stories and highlights, creating an Instagram store.

Increasing Your Audience

By increasing your following on Instagram, you are already showcasing your brand to be popular. The higher the following, the higher chances of customers finding your page and interacting with your brand. A high following allows customers to believe in your brand and scroll through your content and relocate to your website.

Quick tips on how to increase your audience: Interact with similar accounts through likes, comments, and sharing. Follow other brands and create meaningful conversation between one another. Showing support towards influencers and other brands will attract support from them and others as well.

It's a Business Tool

Instagram is not just another social network to scroll through for the fun of it. Yes, thousands of people use it for social purposes but it's one of the number one ways to grow your business virtually. Instagram has two profile styles: Personal and Business. Creating a business profile already puts your brand in the business category. Instagram allows you to create an Instagram store, enhance your marketing campaigns, gain influencers, and showcase a smaller view of your website.

Quick tips to using Instagram as a business: Create an Instagram store, add your company URL in the website tab, create a bio, add a location, market your product.


No one likes to say it but competition is real in the marketing business. It's not a negative outlook but more of a positive push towards more advertisement. Thousands of businesses over the world are using Instagram as a platform to advertise and grow their brand. If your not doing so at this point, you're already losing customers to other businesses daily.

Growing your Instagram account can be one of the most crucial standpoints of whether or not your business is growing. Social media is used as one of the biggest advertisements nationwide. Work with Festivate to start growing your account today! We can help you harness this tool to grow your audience and increase sales.

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