Powabunga Music Festival is a two-day music festival held in Vail, Colorado, and held for the first time in 2019. The event consisted of outdoor performances, a costume contest and indoor after parties. Festivate was brought on as the offical social media team and was onsite to document the festivities, food vendors, sponsors and mountain view atmosphere. Festivate had two months prior to the festival to strategize and execute the social media plan. In less than two months Festivate grew Powabunga's Instagram by 945%. Festivate also created and managed a 15person influencer program that brought in over 1,000,000 impressions in just six weeks. 


There was an overall 945% Instagram growth over duration of the entire campaign.


1,157,457 impressions were reached from the influencer campaign. 15 influencers were managed and 85+ posts and stories were created. 


With full creative control and less than two months before the event, Festivate was able to curate content for the Powabunga's Instagram account with posts 5-7 days per week. Festivate increased the accounts following by 945%, hyper targeted accounts located in Colorado, tracked ROI via a coupon code on Instagram's DM and kept engagement high, at 4.5% (business pages typically perform around 2-3%). Festivate was also able to data mine Instagram for the influencers that fit the brand, communicated with nearly 75, administered contracts to 20 and generate over 85 posts. Additionally, those influencers were paid via tickets to the event which resulted in additional coverage on their Instagram pages and stories (not counted as a part of the 1.1m impressions)

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